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Diva Glimpse Story

“Every day, I would hear stories from my clients about how they struggled to apply lashes on their own and that always coming to the salon was such a hassle. That’s when my idea was born, which was long in the making and needed a little push. We knew that Diva Glimpse Magnetic Eyelashes would bring a major shift in the beauty industry.”
To make beauty accessible and easy for women to tap into their beauty by enhancing their appearance without altering their prominent facial features. 
To keep providing beauty lovers with the best product such as; Diva Glimpse Magnetic Lashes so they can move through the world with confidence. 
Nadia Azimi, CEO and Founder of Diva Glimpse
I am Nadia Azimi, the CEO and founder of In my youth, I had just one wish ― to look beautiful. I was born in Afghanistan, I grew up in Pakistan, and it was there that during my teenage years, I was bullied by other students in school for my smaller eyes. At the same time, I faced bullying and pressure from my own ethnic community for the exact same reason. They made me feel quite insecure, and I would often find myself standing in front of the mirror and picturing how I would looked if I had bigger eyes. I would always compare myself to other girls, imagining myself with bigger eyes. To say that this became an obsession would be an understatement. However, it all turned out great in the end.
As I turned 18, I joined a makeup academy to learn how to use makeup. Soon I formed and grew a fond love for makeup and fake eyelashes. It was fake lashes that changed my look. From there onward I was determined to prove to other girls that I am beautiful too.
By the end of 2008, I moved to Canada with my family. Back then, becoming a beautician was not a career like it is today. So, I stopped pursuing my dream and took a sharp turn away from the beauty industry. It wasn’t my decision, but one that was forced on me by my family. For generations, our family didn’t have access to quality education. Therefore, my father insisted that I drop my dream of becoming a beautician and take advantage of education. 
I gave my best to my studies but I lacked the required passion. During this whole time, it felt as if something was missing from my life. I knew I wasn’t on the right path, but I didn’t have the courage to stand up to my father and tell him how unhappy I was. Hence, I continued on the path I had started at my father’s insistence.
I got enrolled at Concordia University for BComm in Accountancy. In 2014, while I was still at university in 2nd year of my studies, I received a marriage proposal and got engaged and went to Afghanistan to get married. 
 Every girl dreams of getting married and having a fairytale wedding. While I was starting a new chapter in my life, I still felt that I needed to do something more passionate in my life. On my wedding day, I went to a beauty salon to get ready for my big day, and that was when things changed. I reconnected with my long-forgotten passion.  There I came to a realization that now I knew what I had to do, and I was determined to pursue a career as a beautician no matter what. 
After the wedding, I came back to Canada, and the first thing I did was to quite university. I enrolled in some private courses for makeup and eyelashes extension. It wasn’t an easy journey. In 2017, after many struggles, I opened my own salon called “SN Beauty Station” 
Standing in the beauty salon, I enjoyed making girls and women feel beautiful. I would often tell my customers how I suffered from low self-esteem because of my small eyes. I talked about my bullying days and how makeup, especially grooming my eyes with right eyelashes, helped me.
As a makeup artist and lash technician, I have learned that all types of faces are beautiful and that all that’s required to bring out the beauty is finding the right lashes. This understanding helped me design my eyelash brand,
Therefore, I launched my personal eyelash line called “DivaGlimpse.” These lashes were only available in my salon, and I would recommend them to my clients when they came in for their makeup appointment. To my surprise, these lashes caught on quickly. Many ladies bought them but soon found out that applying them on their own was difficult. I noticed that this was happening frequently. Most of them voiced how applying the lashes was inconvenient for them. 
To solve this problem, I launched my Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Liner which is fast and hustle free application. As this Magnetic Eyelashes were loved by my customers. So I decided to make it available to everyone through my online store.