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With a passion for  synthetic eyelashes and no-stress applications, Diva Glimpse is your one-stop-lash-shop!

Flimsy bands, stringy lashes, and a shape that just doesn’t want to stick; are every falsie enthusiast’s worst nightmare. With Diva Glimpse, you can blink these nightmares away and say hello to dreamy lashes that make you fall in love with your own eyes!

Become the ultimate, unapologetic DIVA you are with our magnetic lashes that match your magnetic personality.

With a pair of Diva Glimpse lashes, you get style, glamour, and ultimate flutter all at the same time. Whether your eyes round, deep-set, or narrow, there is a perfect pair of falsies out there and we have it!

What good are your expensive false eyelashes if you’re not able to apply them in the first place?

Get Equipped to Step Up Your Lash Game

Having experienced the frustration of failed lash application attempts ourselves, the Diva Glimpse team went on a quest to find the perfect solution. We combined our false lash expertise with impeccable design practices to come up with internationally-approved products that make your makeup routine easy, fast and that much more glamorous!

Diva Glimpse Magnetic Eyelashes

Say Hasta la Vista to Messy Glue!

With love, care and a whole lot of personality, our Magnetic Eyelashes are easy to apply. You can add drama to any makeup look without spending an hour getting one eyelash right.

With 10 magnets on each strip, all you need is our Diva Glimpse eyeliner and a steady hand; and less than a minute, you’ll have lashes that give your look oomph!

Diva Glimpse Strip Lashes

False Eyelashes that Look Natural

What good are false lashes if they don’t look natural?

The Diva Glimpse Strip Eyelashes are easy-to-use and totally fuss-free. You can pop them on within a few minutes and be out the door, whether you’re going to work, clubbing or to your own wedding!

Hocus-Pocus, Magnetic Focus

Just one swipe across your lash line and on goes your Diva Glimpse Magnetic Lashes. Yes, it’s that easy! Put on your lashes and your line with the same liner stroke.

Why be a Diva Glimpse DIVA?

Diva Glimpse doesn’t just make your false eyelash application easy. From scrolling our website to receiving your package, the online shopping experience you get with us is equally stress-free!

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